Find out about the SRS timeline in July's Top 5 in 5

Tuesday, 04 July 2017

Learn about a new timeline and more in July's SRS Top 5 in 5 video.


You can now   get a quick video update on all the work that is supporting the introduction of the new Student Records System, including a new timeline, in less than 5 minutes. Brookes’ colleagues and our partner PA’s Business Design Lead, cover all you need to know about the progress of the SRS Programme in a Top 5 in 5 summary.

The video features:

  • A timeline of the key milestones for the SRS Programme from Ryan Flemming, the SRS Programme Manager.
  • An introduction to new members of the team in the areas of Data and Business Change from Maria Yordanova, the SRS Programme Administrator.
  • The launch of the SRS Change Network from Paul Radford, Transformational Change Coordinator.
  • News on workshops on functionality of the new system from Beccy Perry, Finance Manager and SRS Subject Matter Expert for Student Finance.

Additionally, Phil Copestake, Business Design Lead with PA, gives an overview of working with Oxford Brookes University staff in some of the areas that will be using Banner, our new SRS. PA specialises in supporting universities in managing complex transformation programmes. In the past few years, PA has worked with more than 30 UK institutions. Phil commented that he was struck by the energy and commitment of Brookes and believes this bodes well for the success of the SRS Programme.

“I think there’s a really strong sense that staff here are both really excited about this opportunity, but also really serious about the work involved and the changes that might be required to make this a success for staff and for students alike”, said Phil.

Maura Moran recently joined the SRS Team as a Change Manager. She will be joining her colleague Maritza Miranda in work to lead the Business Change workstream in specific functional areas.  

To find out more about the SRS Programme or to take a look at its Timeline, please   visit the SRS website and look out there for further monthly SRS Top 5 in 5 multimedia round-ups.