Merry Christmas from the SRS Team!

Friday, 08 December 2017

As we greet the holiday season, the SRS Team brings you the latest updates on faculty engagement, an upcoming Admissions testing or 'dry-run' and a big welcome to our newest team members, all while dressed up in Christmas costumes.


SRS Top 5 in 5

Keep an eye out for the latest SRS Top 5 in 5, a round-up of all you need to know about the SRS in 5 minutes or less. Watch as our team members explain what they are up to, while dressed up in Christmas costumes.

Admissions testing or “dry-run”

The SRS also has key milestones coming up in early 2018. The 'dry-run', an Admissions functionality testing, will take place in February-March 2018. This large-scale testing of specific functionality of the new system will have Academic and Student Administration (ASA) staff submitting a large number of mock applications in the new system.

These applications will then be processed as if for real by the relevant teams working in the Admissions process. This test will give us a chance to test the applicant and staff experience before the new system goes live.

Faculty Open Sessions

You also might have seen colleagues Maura Moran and Maritza Miranda, SRS change managers, who have recently been running faculty Open Sessions for colleagues to learn more about the SRS. They have travelled to four of the Oxford Brookes campuses starting in late November. A session in Swindon campus will take place on Monday, 15 January, 2018.



Engaging academics

Recently the SRS also held its first Academic Engagement Group meeting. The attendance was positive, with a group of 25 academics who met with the team, including Associate Deans for Student Experience and quality leads for each of the faculties. The aim of this group is to give academics a voice in the SRS.

Finance workstream

In terms of technical updates on the SRS, in finance, a decision was approved that with the new SRS, module registration will be part of the enrolment process. More updates on the finance workstream will be coming up in the New Year.

Finally, the SRS Team would also like to thank the Change Network for the amazing work they have been doing throughout the year.