September SRS Top 5 in 5

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Find out what SRS Change Champions are doing and more in this month's Top 5 in 5 series.


After a short pause in August, the SRS Team is back with the Top 5 in 5 monthly updates about the Student Records System (SRS) Programme.

In August, SRS Change Managers were working really hard in preparing for SRS Change Network meetings. The team uses these meetings to update SRS Change Champions on the developments of this body of work. SRS Change Champions are a network of colleagues representing all areas across the university who have been appointed by their teams to meet regularly with the SRS Team. They listen to our updates and share inquiries and feedback from their teams with us.

Sofia Hussain, a Student Central Adviser and SRS Change Champion, has been collecting feedback from her team. She developed a Google form which the Advice Team populate with questions, comments or suggestions about the SRS. Find out who is the SRS Change Champion in your team, if you have any questions about this work.

In other news, the SRS Team has been running a communications survey since August. Please help us by filling it out.

We’ve also had new arrivals in the team in the areas of reporting and software development. Rowan Jones joined the SRS Team from IT Services to work in the integration of StarRez, Oxford Brookes’ accommodation software, and Banner, our new SRS.

Finally, the system implementation continues to advance as the SRS Team prepares for its first User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the admissions process. This activity is expected to run through February and March, 2018. It will be a large-scale trial involving about 1,000 mock applications that will be processed as if for real in the new system.