The latest progress on the SRS

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Catch up with the latest progress on the Student Records System (SRS) with the November 2018 Top 5 in 5.

Watch the November SRS Top 5 in 5 below.

This month’s edition includes updates on

  • Timetabling: an overview of timetabling and how the various systems they use are involved in the process.
  • Postgraduate research: how plans are being worked on to ensure that research degrees are managed within the new SRS, including transition from current to new.
  • Admissions: key highlights since go-live including, the latest admissions stats, an update on dashboards and reporting, and how we’re supporting staff in use of the tool.
  • Finance: how entrants from 2019/20 will be managed in the new SRS for some Student Finance fees and payments processes.
  • Exam management: how the exams team’s dashboard is beginning to take shape, detail on testing, exam timetable creation and how student requests will be handled.