The SRS showcases the new system’s mobile app

Thursday, 05 July 2018

Mobile app

Communications Officer Maria Assaf reports on the latest developments in the Student Records System with an opportunity to watch a demo of the news SRS mobile app.

Over the past few weeks, the Student Records System (SRS) team has been carrying out demos of the system across all of the University’s campuses as part of our roadshow. One of the roadshow's highlights was a showcase of the new system’s mobile app, a work in progress that will go live in June 2019. About 80 colleagues attended these meetings and we saw lots of excitement about the new system.

Watch a demo of the SRS mobile in the SRS Top 5 in 5

For the full mobile app demo, please take a look at June's SRS Top 5 in 5, a roundup of all you need to know about the SRS in five minutes or less. By clicking on the following Prezi you will also find out about other items the SRS team has been working on. These include expected benefits the new system will bring, such as an improved reporting functionality, that will allow the University to make faster decisions.

Top 5 June

The SRS Top 5 in 5 is a by-monthly round-up of SRS updates. The next one will be published in August, so keep an eye on Onstream!

How is the Admissions dry-run going?

The Admissions and Oxford Brookes International teams have been testing and learning about the new system. Their next step is to learn to create reports and draft the communications they will use with next year's applicants, among other items. The team are very excited about the range of functionality available and look forward to the Go-Live of their area in September 2018.

Integrating University systems with the new SRS

Our technical team has been working really hard on building the SRS mobile app, as well as making sure that all of the systems that currently interface with eCSIS are integrated with the new system. These systems include the accommodation system StarRez, the learning management system, Moodle, and Google apps, among others.

Andrew Graham, the team’s technical architect, is leading on work to develop interfaces for the Smartcard printing and door lock systems, as well as an interface that allows students to pay their fees via the WPM Payment platform. The team are also working on enabling a seamless user experience by having single sign-on in the new system.

The SRS Change Network was shortlisted for the Brookes People Awards!

We would also like to congratulate the SRS Change Network for being shortlisted for a team Brookes People Award for connectedness. By volunteering their time to be change champions and doing an excellent job at communicating to their colleagues in times of change, the Change Network has demonstrated confidence in new ideas and enthusiasm about the benefits of the move to a new SRS.

Abigail Villarroel interviewed Change Network members after their nomination. You can watch the full interview on how it felt to be nominated for the BPAs by clicking on this link.

Change network shortlisted
Photo of the SRS Change Network members, taken from a video by Abigail José Villarroel. June, 2018.

The SRS Change Network is an initiative that aims to transform the way change is implemented and communicated across Oxford Brookes. Their feedback has helped inform the way the SRS Programme is developed and communicated. The group has served as a thermometer to test change readiness across the University and this has helped the SRS team implement the new system.

Don’t miss the SRS podcast!

The SRS podcast will feature interviews with colleagues from the areas of the SRS that will go live soon. The first episode features Laura Kishore, Head of Admissions, who talks about how her team is preparing for Go-Live in September 2018. You can listen to it next week in the SRS newsletter. You can listen to it at this link.


The SRS Frequently Asked Questions continue to be updated regularly with incoming queries from colleagues. We took colleagues’ questions during the roadshow and welcome any further inquiries at or