The SRS Team launches its Top 5 to 5 series!

Wednesday, 07 June 2017

Welcome to the SRS Top 5 in 5. In this regular round-up, will be bringing you five things you need to know about the SRS in 5 minutes or less.


Don’t have speakers? Here is a snapshot of SRS key activities in June:

1. Admissions work: Phillip Copestake, the SRS business design lead, will be working with colleagues on a prototype online application form for Post Graduate Taught applicants which will then be tested in the new system.                     

2. Curriculum work: Neil McConaghy, head of the Course and Student Administration Team, will be familiarising himself and his work-group with the different options available in Banner for creating curriculum structures.

3. Business Change: Maritza Miranda, our Business Change Manager, will be busy assembling a curriculum change group and forming an academic engagement committee to advise the SRS Team on the best way to involve academics.

4. Biographical information: Ramesh Narayan is working with the group in charge of designing how we will use our new SRS. This month, he will be analysing the different options users can select from when entering biographical information in Banner.

5. Data migration: Peter Haban is the IT Project Manager for the SRS. His team has just started training for the Banner data migration tool. They have now moved sample records into the new system to ensure that the tool works as expected. 

We will be bringing you more updates next month, but if you would like to learn more about the SRS in the meantime, please feel free to browse through our website or email us any questions at