Subject Change Guide

If a student wishes to change subjects they should first speak to the Subject Coordinator of the course they wish to change onto to check they meet the entry requirements.

In some circumstances a Subject Coordinator may wish to set conditions for the student to meet before the subject change can be agreed. In these cases the decision regarding the subject change will be made at the exam committee on review of the student’s results.

New students can request to change subjects prior to their enrolment deadline by contacting the Admissions team ( The enrolment deadline are the end of Week 2 for full-time students and the end of Week 3 for part-time students. The Admissions team will consider if the student meets the entry criteria of the proposed subject/s and if there is a availability on the course.

Once the enrolment deadline has passed, it is not possible for new students in the first year of their course to change subject in their first semester of study. However, a request can still be submitted to be considered at the next examination committee. 

How to apply

There is no specific deadline for submitting a subject change, however the student would need to be able to make any necessary amendments to their programme within the specific module registration windows and be in time to start attending teaching. Ideally this should be by the end of Week 0 of the semester.

A student can only make an immediate subject change if the students current module registrations are acceptable to the new course of if the module registration window is open. Otherwise they will need to wait until the upcoming semester to make the change and amend their module selections.

When considering a subject change students should be advised to seek advice from the Brookes Union Advice Service ( regarding the funding implications of the subject change.

Those studying on a Student Visa should be advised to contact the International Student Advice Team to see if any potential implications for their student visa can be accommodated.

A student will need to withdraw and re-apply via the Admissions office if they wish to make the following change:

  • If they are currently registered on a Foundation course and meet the entry requirements for an Undergraduate degree in a new subject, or would like to change from an Undergraduate degree to a Foundation degree.
  • If they wish to move from a Postgraduate award to an Undergraduate award of vice versa.
  • If a student has not met the progression requirements for their new course and need to move back to a prior stage

Undergraduate Subject Changes: Regulations and Progression Requirements

Please note, any students who commenced their studies prior to September 2020 will remain on the Undergraduate Modular Programme (UMP). When considering a subject change please assess if the student has met or will meet the Stage I subject progression rules and the University progression rules in the current academic year. IF the student has not met the Stage I progression requirements please note this on the M101 form.

For students who commenced their Stage I studies in September 2020 onwards please consider if the student has met or will meet the Academic Framework Progression requirements in the current academic year. Unless there is significant overlap between the modules the student has taken so far within the modules and requirements on the new programme it is likely that the students will need to extend their studies, or restart completely.

Please note, modules from the previous subject will be included in the GPA calculation