Module delivery constraints

We will request Module Delivery Constraints data to be provided for all module run(s) in the current academic year which have limitations on when or where they can be delivered.

  • Module Delivery Constraints data collection: From end of February to end of March
  • Deadline: From end of March for the whole year 

If there are no constraints, then no form is required for the module run. 

We will assume there are no constraints for all module runs that don’t submit a form.

What is a Module Delivery Constraint?

A Module Delivery Constraint or MDC is an acknowledgement that some module runs:

rely on a particular staff member for delivery, who may have either a part time contract, agreed flexible working or agreed compressed hours which restricts their hours of teaching to certain days / times which are captured and approved through the staff teaching constraints process.

  • rely on a particular staff member who may need reasonable adjustments for disability, impairment or other item covered under the Equality Act 2010.
  • are taught in blocks and advertised as such eg taught in one full time week.
  • are taught on set days or in the evenings or weekends and are advertised as such.
  • have specific requirements for example, daylight, field trips and so have to be taught at particular times of day.

Module Delivery Constraints last for the period of one academic year and must be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.

Please include all staff accessibility requirements in your Module Delivery Constraints. This would include requirements for wheelchair or level access, hearing loops or special equipment.

If there are any changes to the data after this date then we will need you to provide details of adjustments required as soon as possible as we will be in the process of rooming the teaching. The later any changes are received, the harder it is to accommodate them. 

Use of constraints

Please note that not all constraints will be viable. A constraint may be turned down if it does not meet the terms of the University Timetabling Policy, or if it is not in the business or operating interests of the University to implement it.

Module Delivery Constraints help the team when we have timetabling problems to resolve such as over-demand for space at certain times. We use it alongside student enrolments, space availability and curriculum limitations to develop possible solutions which we will then discuss with the affected academics to ensure a suitable solution is found.

Staff availability

Module Delivery Constraints can include staff availability. In previous years we collected staff availability but we have replaced this with module delivery constraints. This prevents the timetabling team from seeing or holding more staff information than is required, enables us to see the constraint clearly from the module perspective and therefore make use of it effectively and enables us to capture other non-staff related constraints for a more complete understanding of the module requirements.

Faculties are free to collect and collate their staff availability in the way that suits them best. They can choose to make use of the staff teaching constraint forms from previous years if they wish. They can make use of existing records on agreed part-time hours, flexible working or other HR data if they prefer. We only require the information of any impacts of the times or places modules could be delivered.