Module delivery data

The second step in timetable production is the collection of the module delivery data for each faculty.

We will be following the same tailored processes as last year for each faculty to ensure that the method is familiar to faculty colleagues and captures the needs of the different areas. The dedicated timetabling officers for each faculty will be providing details of how to supply the data for the faculty. Your dedicated faculty timetabling officer(s) will be working closely with you to capture this data and can assist with any problems you have in completing it.

This covers all teaching events on Swindon, Headington, Marston, Wheatley or Harcourt campuses and any time specific teaching events taking place online or off-campus for campus based students.

We have a number of requests for you to help us make best use of the available rooms to meet all teaching needs:

  • Start times to be on the hour
  • Teaching to be in whole hours
  • No booking of rooms to hold or store bags across planned teaching break times
  • No room bookings for weeks when you have field trips or other non-campus activities planned

We will ask you to detail requirements for every teaching event you require to deliver the module. Please take care to make all the bookings you require for the delivery of the module including any drop in sessions, guest speakers, film showings, presentation sessions, revision or class tests. We can record an event to show in the timetable for students that doesn't use a room such as a field trip, please take care to specify that no room is required in this case.

If there are any changes to the data after this date, then we will need you to provide details of adjustments required as soon as possible as we will be in the process of rooming the teaching. The later any changes are received, the harder it is to accommodate them.

What is module delivery data?

Module run details

  • Number of students on module run (estimated to the best of your ability)
  • Number of students in each set
  • Module number and title
  • Group(s) (all students, set1, set2 etc) used for teaching
  • Semester(s)
  • Run number
  • Oxford/Swindon base

Information about events

  • Number of weeks
  • Which weeks
  • Day of week
  • Start and end time
  • Module Run(s) in event
  • Module Group(s) in event
  • Type of room
  • Specific requests for building / particular room
  • Special equipment / features (access requirements / AV, etc)