Rooming, module registrations and accessibility


Rooming of the requested teaching events begins on 21 March 2022 and ends of 3 June 2022 for all teaching events for the whole academic year 2022/23.

The team will endeavour to room all teaching exactly as requested but may need to get in touch if there are conflicting demands that require some adjustments to what was requested.

We will start rooming using the size estimates provided in the Module Delivery Data.

All module registration data will feed directly into the timetabling system as it becomes available in Banner. The registration numbers will be compared with the number estimates as part of the ongoing rooming process.

Module registrations

Continuing students

Continuing students will have their compulsory modules registered on Banner for the next year in before module registration is opened.

Continuing students will register their optional modules on Banner.

All Module registration data will feed directly into the timetabling system. The numbers will be compared with the number estimates and the team may get in touch to discuss:

  • numbers that look too high for the rooms and may need new rooms
  • numbers look very low and the allocated rooms may be too large
  • numbers that look like extra or larger sets may be needed
  • numbers that look like sets could be smaller or the number of sets could be reduced 

New students and Clearing

We will review Clearing plans and provide advice on where the timetable holds additional capacity. We will review Clearing outcomes and projections in order to identify potential timetabling issues so they can be addressed promptly. Please respond if we contact you. Please do not wait for us to contact you if you believe Clearing outcomes will have caused issues in your timetable, get in touch straight away.

New students will have compulsory modules registered in August 2021 and will register optional modules at the start of Semester 1 by the end of Week 0.

This data will feed directly into the timetabling system and the team may get in touch to discuss any issues.

If you are aware of significant changes to student numbers for your programmes or modules then please contact us as early as possible to give us the maximum amount of time to make any necessary adjustments.


We are able to see students with requirements for level access, wheelchairs or hearing loops in the timetabling system if they have an approved ISP (Individual Support Plan). They should have registered with Wellbeing and had an assessment to get an ISP approved. We will make checks on students who have requirements and allocate their teaching sets with regard for their needs. If you are aware of new students who may not have registered with Wellbeing please let us know.

Any staff accessibility requirements should be detailed in the module delivery constraint forms.