Set changes and late module registrations

Set changes

Permanent set change requests require the approval of the module leader to ensure that they do not cause any issues for teaching or group work plans.

Students can request a set change by completing the Timetabling Request Form

Students should request permanent set changes as soon as possible and not later than the end of Week 5 as regular attendance at all set events is important for their success.

Late module registrations

A small number of postgraduate courses have requested a longer window for their new students to choose and register their optional modules at the start of the year.

Programmes and modules in this category will have free registration until the end of Week 0.

These modules with an extended registration window will then be capped according to the capacity available in the timetable. Students will be able to register those modules until the later deadline subject to available space in the module.


If a module has 15 students registered at the end of Week 0 and the rooms allocated in the timetable mean it can hold up to 25 students, then the module will have a cap of 25 set. This means up to 10 more students can register on the module in the extended period. It ensures we can deliver the teaching with the available staff and rooms planned and won’t need any late changes that may not be achievable.