Change control

  • What is the purpose of Change Control?

    Change control is not about preventing change.  Change control is simply the mechanisms we use to ensure that we identify and assess the impact of proposed changes.  It ensures that this impact on the project in terms of its objectives, deliverables, time, cost, quality, scope, risk and benefits informs the board decision on whether to approve the change.  Change control goes on throughout the project lifecycle. .

    Types of Change

    A change can be determined as:

    • Request for Change - e.g. a proposal for a change to the agreed scope or product specification baselined for the project.
    • Off-specification Notice - e.g. a product that will not now meet the agreed minimum Acceptance Criteria
    • A Statement of Concern- a concern that has been raised either from within or outside the project team
    • An Issue - a problem that may have an impact on the ability to deliver within agreed parameters that the Project Manager needs to resolve or escalate.

    Change Classification

    Classify changes as either:

    • Critical - a 'must have' change in order for the project or its deliverables to work
    • Essential - an 'important' change that would cause much inconvenience but could be worked around for a short period
    • Desirable - a 'nice to have' change that is not essential to the success of the project.

    Change Control Process

    The following is an example of the steps in a change control process from the change being raised to the decision on action agreed by the appointed Board:







    Anyone can raise an item for change control

    PM ensures ‘Request for change’ form is completed either:

    PM assesses impact & relative priority for project in discussion with:

    PM submits recommendations & revised plans:

    Board reaches an informed decision based on information provided to either:

    PM takes agreed corrective action.


    PM updates:


    Highlight Report with updated timeline showing impact

    Exception Report


    Defer / Req. further info


    Business Case



    A Statement of Concern

    A Request for Change

    An Issue

    By person raising

    In collaboration with raiser

    PM completes