Governance structure

  • The following notes are intended as a guide to:

    • Provide best practice in designing your temporary project and programme management organisation structures
    • Support those managing change initiatives in identifying the most appropriate people for each role
    • Help inform those asked to fulfil a role as to their responsibilities and how these relate to the roles of others within the project and programme management organisation structure.

    Remember that these are roles, they are not jobs:

    • Programme Assurance on one programme may also have a role as a Programme Manager for another programme and/or as Project Manager on a project within a third programme
    • The BCM on one project may be the Senior Supplier on another, and so on.

    This is normal practice but be careful to ensure that the work portfolio for each person does not create any conflict of interest, and provides a balanced and rich whole without overloading them.

    Programme and Project Boards

    The Project and Programme Organisation Structure: A diagram shows the relationships and reporting lines between Programme and Project Board core and team members.

  • The Programme Board

    Lead Supplier

    Programme Accountant



    Subject Matter Experts that may be required

  • The Project Board and Project Team Group

    Project Support

    Project Team

    Project Team

    Project Team