Programme board

  • The Programme Board is established by the Programme Director.  Members of the Board provide resource and make specific commitment to support the programme and Programme Director.  The Programme Director can delegate responsibilities to Board members but retains ultimate accountability and decision-making authority.


    • Makes resources available for planning and delivery of change
    • Defines acceptable risk profile for the programme and related projects
    • Owns resolution of specific risks and issues within the programme
    • Ensures delivery within the agreed parameters
    • Represents local strategies and medium-term plans and resolves strategic and directional issues between projects
    • Resolves dependencies with other work, within or outside the programme
    • Ensures the integrity of benefits profiles and realisations plans
    • Supports the application of and compliance with operating standards
    • Assures operational stability throughout the change cycle


    Standing members of the Board will be:

    • Programme Director or SRO (Senior Responsible Officers)
    • Programme Manager
    • Business Change Manager(s)
    • Project Executives (where this is not the Programme Manager)
    • Corporate function representatives as appropriate e.g. Finance, Legal, Communications
    • Lead supplier.