Programme business change manager

  • The BCM (Business Change Manager) is the bridge between the programme and the business environment.  They are responsible for defining and managing the benefits that are to be realised through the change that the programme delivers.


    • Defines and assesses progress towards benefits
    • Defines performance metrics for measuring and monitoring operational health
    • Monitors business ability to absorb the change and ensures it is ready for transition
    • Optimises timing of release of project deliverables into business
    • Advises Programme Manager on whether outputs and outcomes of projects will lead to the desired benefits


    • Comes from the relevant business operations environment
    • Has continuing responsibility within the relevant operational environment
    • Understands the management, politics and culture of the organisation
    • Management skills to co-ordinate multi-disciplinary teams
    • Change management skills to organise and maintain focus on the programme
    • Negotiation skills and comfort with ambiguity
    • Able to access resources with the skills needed for: process analysis, benefits identification, modelling and analysis, and business continuity management.