Programme director

  • The Programme Director is personally accountable for the programme meeting its objectives and realising the anticipated benefits.


    • Leadership and direction of programme
    • Secures the investment to set-up and run the programme and transition activities
    • Accountable for appropriate programme governance arrangements
    • Owns the programme Business Case
    • Engages and informs key stakeholders
    • Manages key strategic programme risks
    • Chairs the Programme Board


    • Sufficient seniority to be seen as credible and as a peer by the Sponsoring Group
    • Proactive and visible driving force
    • Strong leadership and decision-making
    • Appropriate background for the type of change programme
    • Realism, openness and clarity of expression to communicate the Programme Vision
    • Engenders purpose and direction
    • Focussed on realising the end goal of the programme
    • Able to build productive relationships.