Programme manager

  • The Programme Manager is responsible for leading and managing the set-up of the programme through to delivery of the new capabilities and realisation of benefits.  This role has primary responsibility for successful delivery and establishing governance.


    • Defines the governance framework
    • Day to day management of the programme
    • Acts as an agent for the Programme Director day to day
    • Planning and designing the programme
    • Monitoring programme progress
    • Co-ordination of the programme projects and management of their interdependencies
    • Manages and resolves risks and issues
    • Maintains integrity and coherence of programme
    • Develops and maintains programme environment to support the projects assigned to the programme
    • Manages the programme budget and monitors expenditure and costs against benefits realised
    • Ensures projects deliver the programme requirements for quality, time and budget
    • Ensures efficient allocation of resources and skills across the project dossier
    • Manages third party contributions to the programme
    • Manages communication with stakeholders
    • Initiates interventions where gaps are identified within the programme
    • Regular reporting to the Programme Director on programme progress


    • Able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with the full range of individuals and groups involved in the programme and its management
    • Leadership and management skills
    • Ability to understand the wider objectives of the programme
    • Sufficient seniority and credibility within the programme environment to influence others
    • Good knowledge of programme management, risk management and project management techniques
    • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures
    • Able to pre-empt and be innovative in the resolution of problems.