Project and programme assurance

  • Assurance is the function of Project Boards and Programme Boards and each Board member retains responsibility for assuring their area of the work.  The Board may also choose to appoint specific individuals to carry out some of the assurance function on their behalf. The Assurance role is independent of the Project Manager and, in conjunction with the Programme Director or Project Executive, will decide what needs to be assured for each project.  Assurance may include that the Business Case is being adhered to, risks controlled, user needs are met or managed, internal and external communications are working and the strategic fit of project with the overall programme and Oxford Brookes University or Faculty/Directorate strategic plan.


    • Reports to the Project Executive/Programme Director to give them confidence on the specified list of assurance requirements representing the business, user and supplier 
    • Advises the Project Manager and Team Manager/Programme Manager and Business Change Manager on project and programme management best practice
    • May report to the Senior User to provide confidence that user requirements are being met
    • May report to the Senior Supplier to provide confidence that supplier standards and procedures are being met

    With a commercial customer/supplier relationship these last two functions should be carried out by different people to avoid any conflict of interest.


    • Has the confidence of the Programme Director/Project Executive
    • Independent of the Project Manager
    • Understands the wider objectives of the programme
    • Recognised expertise in programme management, risk management and project management techniques
    • Able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with the full range of individuals and groups involved in the project/programme and its management
    • Sufficient seniority and credibility within the project/programme environment, to influence others
    Depending on the level and extent of expertise of those performing project and programme assurance, additional expertise may be needed for assurance of specific aspects of the project/programme. This may require the appointment of other additional governance roles, which may vary in each stage or tranche of a programme.