Project executive

  • The Project Executive, (also known as the Project Sponsor) is ultimately responsible for the project delivering its objectives. The role can be carried out by the Programme Manager for smaller programmes.


    • Oversees development of the Project Brief and Business Case
    • Ensures coherent governance arrangements and project plans are put in place
    • Authorises expenditure
    • Sets stage tolerances for time, budget and quality
    • Strategic monitoring and control of project
    • Checks changes in scope, budget or time for impact on the Business Case
    • Ensures that risks are effectively managed
    • Briefs Programme Manager about project progress
    • Organises and chairs Project Board
    • Reports to Programme if project exceeds, or anticipate that will exceed agreed tolerance and recommends appropriate action
    • Signs-off End Project Report and Lessons Learned and approves project closure
    • Ensures project benefits are realised
    • Holds post-project review and report results to VPO+ stakeholders


    • Cost conscious
    • Outcome focussed
    • Able to balance demands of business, user and supplier.