Project manager

  • The Project Manager has the authority to run the project on a day to day basis, within the tolerances and constraints documented and approved by the Project Board.  This role is responsible for the project delivering the required outputs to quality, time and cost.


    • Directs and motivates the project team
    • Ensures adequate project administration is in place
    • Plans and monitors the project
    • Produces key project documents and regular reports for Project Board sign-off
    • Manages project risks and associated plans
    • Liaison with Programme Manager
    • Responsible for Change Controls and Configuration Management
    • Prepares Project Highlight Reports and End Stage Reports for the Project Board
    • Agrees technical and quality strategy with the Project Board
    • Prepares Lessons Learned, End Project and any Follow-On Actions Reports


    • Tends to actively manage rather than just co-ordinate
    • Natural planner
    • Natural risk manager that doesn’t like surprises, so plans to try to avoid them.
    • Effective fire-fighter: When issues do arise they sort them out
    • Good motivators and team builders
    • Tackles conflict rather than leaving it to fester
    • Is visible in the business area and the project team
    • Gets consensus where possible but takes responsibility for decisions where not.