Senior user (staff)

  • Represents the interests of all those for whom the project will achieve an objective or who will use the outcome of the project to deliver benefits.


    • Chairs any user groups or forums, except the student user group(s)
    • Works collaboratively with the Senior User (Student)
    • Right to attend user groups and forums chaired by Senior User (Student)
    • Ensures project requirements are fully and accurately specified in the Business Case
    • Specification of the quality of the outcomes
    • Resolve user requirement conflicts
    • Monitoring that the quality, functionality and ease of use of the outcomes meets user need
    • Ensures release of required user resources to the project


    • Comes from and understands the business area responsible for benefit delivery
    • Has credibility in the business area
    • Pragmatic
    • Negotiation skills
    • Authority to release resources.