Lessons learned

  • Lessons Learned

    The capture, analysis and sharing of Lessons Learned is a standard part of the Project Management Lifecycle.
    This process helps us to continue to improve our Project Management practice and will benefit the delivery of future projects. It can also support the development of individual project team members.

    The aims are:

    • to promote and make repeatable desirable project outcomes
    • to prevent and preclude undesirable project outcomes
    • to create space for members of project teams to reflect on and learn from their experiences to support their individual development
    • to share this learning across Brookes to enable others to learn from the experiences of their colleagues.

    The Project Manager and Project Board may note lessons throughout the project. On long projects this is useful to ensure that they are not forgotten about. Irrespective of this we always carry out a reflective Lessons Learned exercise as part of project closure.

    As we conduct these capture exercises we will build and make available a library of the key Lessons Learned. We have already started this process and some key lessons from previous Brookes projects are available in Access to Lessons Learned.