Capturing lessons learned

  • The Project Manager and Project Board may log lessons throughout the project. On long projects this is useful to ensure that these lessons are not forgotten about.

    It is also best practice to ensure that we create the opportunity for the members of the project team and key stakeholder representatives to collectively reflect upon their experience.  This is usually done by conducting a facilitated Lessons Learned workshop.

    You can find more information on how to approach this below.  Facilitation from outside the project team is recommended.  VPO+ provide Lessons Learned workshop facilitation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • A Lessons Learned workshop is a team exercise to capture ideas on our project management approach and to reflect on what went well and what we could do better next time we run a project.

    Using the ideas and experiences captured you will:

    • work with VPO+ to develop an action plan that informs your project management practice going forward
    • feed these findings into the VPO+ repository of Lessons Learned as a basis for sharing learning and improving future project delivery across Brookes
    • contribute to the further evolution of the VPO+ Brookes Project Management framework.

    Lessons Learned capture exercises are run before stand-down and close of a project.

    Following the intense activity around ‘go-live’ project teams will first focus on snagging and follow-on actions.  Once this stage is complete is the best time to conduct Lessons Learned capture.

    Doing this with your project team before they are disbanded enables a sense of closure.  It enables capture of the lessons before the team forget the challenges they encountered, but after the white heat of go-live.

    It is important to create trust and a sense of collaboration so that everyone can be open and honest in discussing any issues they faced.  The exercise must be managed to maintain a constructive, no blame environment, whilst still enabling open discussion on areas of responsibility and accountability.

    This can be a tricky balance to maintain but there are some best practice rules to follow and VPO+ will be available to facilitate your Lessons Learned capture and guide you in the development of actions plans and reports that follow.