Communications and stakeholder engagement

  • This category is all about informing, engaging and communicating with people. This includes those within the governance group, the project teams and internal and external stakeholders.

    • Engagement with sponsor(s)
    • Did our teams have the information they needed when they needed it?
    • Did we identify all key stakeholders at the start of the project?
    • Was our stakeholder analysis accurate?
    • How well did our Communication Plan reflect our analysis?
    • How effectively did we manage and follow our Communication Plan?
    • Did we gain stakeholder sign-off that our Communication Plan met their needs?
    • How effective was our Communication Plan in achieving the engagement needed?
    • Were our communication channels appropriate?
    • Was our communication style for each group effective?
    • Did we communicate the right messages for each group's interests and needs?
  • Evidence or Observation Made

    There was a feeling that communication had been ad hoc or reactive and needed improving by a Communication Plan.



    As part of the Project Initiation Document stage, the Project Manager is to produce a Communication Plan with clear activities, named owners and timescales for delivery. The Communication Plan should be produced in collaboration with key stakeholders and agreement gained on the following: 

    a) the plan meets the group's communication needs

    b) the use of appropriate channels

    c) issued with an appropriate frequency

    d) contains the right type of information content

    Experience or Observation Made

    Some Stakeholders expressed a need to be more involved in shaping the project. 


    It is challenging to get the right balance between wider involvement of staff versus placing too great an additional work burden on staff who may not have capacity to take it on. A structured Communication Plan based on stakeholder analysis will keep the relevant information flowing out from the project and provide clear communication channels which allow those stakeholders who want to engage further to do so.