• This area of the Lessons Learned repository will include matters relating to how effective our governance approach was in providing clearly understood, effective, timely and informed decision-making.  Aspects covered might include:

    • Clear roles and responsibilities
    • Appropriate skillsets and aptitudes for role holders
    • Effective scrutiny of reports at the Project Board
    • A clear decision-making process
    • Appropriate frequency of Project Board meetings
    • Efficient Project Board administration and support

  • Experience or Observation Made

    Some staff expressed a need for greater clarity on the project board structure and who had project decision-making responsibilities. Because they had not been sure who was responsible for what,  they had been unsure who to take any questions to and who to expect decisions from.


    A clear Project or Programme Board structure should be established. The membership of that board, its collective role and the specific roles of each individual should be formalised so that each member understands the specific responsibilities that they are being asked to undertake.  This must also be clearly communicated across all stakeholder groups to ensure clarity that the Project Manager is not the decision-maker but is acting under the direction of the Project Board.