• This area of the Lessons Learned repository will include:

    • Procurement route or approach used
    • Contracting process
    • Vendor management
    • Product or service evaluation
  • Experience or Observation Made

    Some stakeholders questioned whether the evaluation of the product was sufficiently robust.


    Use a named and trained tender evaluation panel that includes user representation:

    a) named - so that staff know who is involved

    b) trained - so that the whole panel is aware of appropriate professional conduct in procurement

    c) user representation - to provide confidence that user needs are well represented.

    Evidence or Observation Made

    Some of the team had discussed evaluation criteria with those involved but the product selection rationale was not clear to all users.


    Project Executives/Sponsors should ensure that their the project teams and stakeholder representatives have the opportunity to aware of and up to date in their understanding of procurement policies and procedures. Procurement training for those involved in projects might usefully include: Procurement thresholds, rules, routes, product evaluation process, and the setting up, managing and controlling of tender evaluation panels to achieve fairness and transparency.  At the start of the project Project Executives/Sponsors should consider contacting the Procurement Team to discuss 'bitesize' lunchtime training sessions for their project or management teams.