• This area of the Lessons Learned repository will include:

    • Effectiveness of quality planning and management of quality
    • Did we get something of the standard that we expected to get at the end of the project?
    • If we didn’t get everything that we had expected, were we aware that this would be the case so that we could adjust plans and manage expectations?
    • If we didn't get what we had expected do we know why and can we take steps to mitigate against it in the future?
  • Evidence or Observation Made

    The Project Team had discussed evaluation criteria with stakeholders but the product selection rationale was still not clear to all stakeholders and not all stakeholders quality expectations were met.


    The quality expectations of stakeholders should be captured and stakeholders should be actively engaged in the subsequent prioritisation of these so that an agreed list of essential criteria is established.

     Wider evaluation of market will help ensure that all desirable product features are known about and considered when setting quality expectations.  Seek the advice of the Procurement Team in the early stage of project planning to discuss the current market for any product or service element of your project.  

    Evidence or Observation Made

    It was expressed by some that clarity was needed on who had been involved in evaluation and selection.


    Product evaluation criteria for supplies and services should follow project management good practice and reference the Customer Quality Expectations and Acceptance Criteria in the VPO+ Project Brief template. The CQE's and Acceptance Criteria are to be produced by the Project Manager, in collaboration with the Senior User, through consultation and engagement with the wider user groups. This will provide a firm basis for the quality of the evaluation criteria.