• This area of the Lessons Learned repository will include

    • Assessment and management of concerns
    • Escalation processes
    • Clarity of risk expression
    • Adequacy and appropriateness of risk responses
    • Proactive risk management approach
    • Reflections on risk appetite
  • Evidence or Observation Made

    No formal risk management approach had been adopted and stakeholders with concerns did not know how to raise them. The team identified a need for risks to be recorded, managed and considered as part of the project decision-making. 


    Future projects in the Directorates will adopt the VPO+ project risk framework to provide a structured and proactive approach to managing and controlling risks within good practice guidelines.  This will also help those with concerns know how to raise them, have confidence that the risks or concerns they have flagged will be considered, and that they will receive feedback on any planned risk response.

    Evidence or Observation Made

    The project team were unclear and how to get identified risks regarding project progress raised.


    The project risk strategy should include a clear explanation of how to raise a concern of flag a new risk and of the escalation procedures. In particular, Project Boards must be clear that;

    a) all risks must have their oversight, and

    b) how, when and where risks should be escalated.