Scope and definition

  • This area of the Lessons Learned library will include comments captured about how effective we were at achieving a clear, shared understanding of:

    • the problem we set out to address, or the improvement we sought to achieve
    • what the project would cover
    • what the project would not cover
    • why we were doing it
  • Evidence or Observation Made

    Some stakeholders expressed a feeling of uncertainty about the robustness of the rationale used for selecting the most appropriate product solution.


    It is important to carry out research on all products available at the option appraisal stage to help inform decision-making. A critical appraisal of all options should be undertaken, although the depth and breadth of this should be appropriate to the scale of the project.  Most importantly, you should be communicate the findings of this research and analysis.  Use of case studies for similar projects by organisations within and beyond the Higher Education environment can help stakeholders increase their understanding of the advantages and disadvantages that need to be weighed.

    Evidence or Observation Made

    A need was identified by some for greater clarity around product evaluation and selection process.


    Make effective use of reference sites, including possible site visits, video conferencing or webinars. Include representatives of key stakeholder groups in these., This enables the Project Board, the project team and key stakeholders to benefit from the experience of others who have implemented similar projects.  It also fosters a greater shared understanding of the relative advantages and disadvantages of various solutions and approaches.