Business-led change

  • What is business-led change?

    In business-led change, projects are defined and driven by the area of Oxford Brookes that:

    • has the business need that is driving the change, and
    • has primary responsibility for achieving the organisational benefits that are expected to accrue

    This is usually, but not always, the business area that will be managing the budget.

    The Project Executive/Sponsor is ultimately accountable for benefits realisation. With this accountability comes the authority of main decision-maker on the project.

    When you plan a change initiative it is important to have a clear understanding of the governance structure and who is ultimately responsible for the project.   Understanding who has accountability and responsibility will help avoid tensions and delays at key decision points.

    Being clear about the user and supplier roles and relationship will help all those involved understand their own and others responsibilities. This will help foster more positive and productive working relationships.

    Use the links on the diagram to look at some examples and see how we define BAU (business as usual) and projects, and users and suppliers.  You may find it useful to share and discuss this with your project team during the early project planning stage.