Whose business is it?

  • In the early planning phases of a project you need to establish a governance structure that is able to provide effective decision making, oversight and facilitate smooth delivery. To ensure that the governance structure is fit for purpose it is important to first be clear on which area of Oxford Brookes is the business user driving the project. Some of the characteristics of users and suppliers are outlined below to help you decide this.

    Business User

    • The business area with the identified need that is driving the change
    • The business area is responsible for realisation of the benefits
    • Owns and manages the budget for the change project
    • Usually pays for and manages the ongoing running of the new state, product or service that is delivered by the project.  (Be careful here: internal suppliers usually hold budgets for ongoing maintenance of specialist products but not for the whole service that works with and uses them day to day)

    Product or Service Supplier

    • Responsible for the supply of the specialist products for each project
    • Is responding to a service request from elsewhere (inside or outside the organisation)
    • May be internal or external to Oxford Brookes
    • May be appointed via competitive tender or an existing draw-down contract
    • There may be more than one supplier to a project (although in the Senior Supplier role)