New product, service or result

  • Are you delivering a new product, service or result?

    Project Management is a technique for planned and effective delivery of clearly defined change. 

    This often takes the form of a new product or service but also includes business improvement initiatives.

    So, ask yourself these questions: 

    • Are you reviewing the way we do something?  Perhaps a process that does not work as well as we would like or an activity where we want to significantly improve results? 
    • Do you have, or need to develop, an improvement plan, post-inspection action plan or conduct a process review? These all call for changes to achieve new, more effective results.
    • Bringing in the new – are you adding a new product or service or doing something new with existing services at Oxford Brookes?
    • Creation and Invention - are you creating a business idea that is novel or unique?

    A yes to any of these questions and you are delivering change, either through a new product or service, or through significant changes to existing products or services.

    Using the Oxford Brookes project framework will help you define new and improved services to meet student and organisational needs, and to help you to implement those changes smoothly.