Specific funding or resource

  • Are you investing in resources specifically for this?

    What specific funding or resources will you need to get this change carried out? Think about resources in the widest sense: have you estimated the costs for the project, where will the funding be sourced, will you need to gather together people with specific knowledge and skills, tools or any other resource that will be critical for you to deliver your proposed change. An investment in the temporary bringing together of resources is a strong indicator that something is a project.

    As we progress in our development of project management, it is hoped that managers may seek project opportunities to temporarily 'import' and 'export' staff with project management skills to support Brookes to achieve its strategic priorities.

    If you want your management colleagues to be willing to temporarily allocate their staff or other resources to you, you will need to demonstrate through the project Business Case, that what is being planned to be achieved will add value to Brookes.

    Applying good project management techniques will help you demonstrate willingness and commitment in bringing together a guiding coalition to steer and support the project work.

    Working in a temporary project environment will also bring benefits to individuals and teams as part of their continuous professional development of project management skills and in enhancing their overall project experience.