Temporary endeavour

  • Is it a temporary endeavour?

    The most commonly heard response when people seek to define a project is it has a start, a middle and an end.

    This is indeed true of every project but it is also true of most things in life and this alone does not make something a project.

    What if you are setting up a new product or service? That is not temporary. What is temporary is all the extra work that will be needed to define, create, establish and launch that service. A clearer way to express what is temporary about a project is to ask if it requires some additional temporary effort to make it happen. As well as setting up a new product or service this might also be reviewing and changing your processes to get new and improved performance results.

    If the temporary endeavour being sought to be accomplished will impact on Brookes, at a strategic or operational level, and requires funding and temporary resources, then think 'project'.  By approaching your endeavour with the Brookes project management framework, you will be guided by good practice principles to support you in getting the best results.

    Good project management will help you overcome inertia and create momentum for this temporary endeavour and deliver the desired change.