Exception report

  • An Exception Report is required if an approved project is forecast to deviate beyond the tolerance levels set.  It is standard in project management to set tolerance levels for budget, timescales, quality standards, resource scheduling requirements and risk management.

    Who prepares the Exception Report?

    The Exception Report is prepared by the Project Manager and presented to the appointed Board with an accompanying updated copy of the Highlight Report timeline.

    What is the purpose of the Exception Report?

    It is to present the factual evidence of an exception to the approved project, summarising its impact, the options to mitigate the impact and the proposed recommendations. The evidence gathering should be carried out in conjunction with other stakeholders, including Project Assurance. The evidence contained in the Exception Report is presented to the appointed Board for consideration and decision-making. Any exception to the original plan that is not managed and controlled may have a serious impact on the deliverables of the project.

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