Gateway 1: Strategic alignment

  • At Gateway 1, the appointed Project Board (Programme or Executive Board) will be presented with a Project Brief.  The Project Brief is the first element of the Business Case and defines the initial project deliverables and scope, supported by proposed quality standards, estimated costs, a preliminary risk assessment and an outline of key stakeholders.

    All information gathered at this stage is assessed by the Project Board for alignment to the Oxford Brookes strategic priorities.

    The Project Board may make the decision either to approve, to defer for further specified information is provided by the Project Manager, or to close the project if not sufficiently strongly aligned with strategic priorities. 

    Approval at this stage by the Project Board gives permission to develop the Business Case.

    The project is allocated a VPO+ UID on Gateway 1 approval and becomes an established entity on Brookes Project Registry.

    There is the option to submit Terms of Reference (ToR) at this gateway. This is useful for larger, more complex projects, where formal approval is needed to release resources for governance or interim governance arrangements and expertise to support the development and preparation of the full Business Case.

  • Key actions

    • Project Board considers the project idea and its value to the strategic priorities of Oxford Brookes
    • Project Board confirms decision made: a) approve, b) further information required or c) close project
    • Option to submit Terms of Reference (ToR) at this Gateway for earlier approval to release governance resources

    Key outcomes

    • Project Brief approved to proceed to Stage 2: Definition - developing the Business Case
    • For a deferred decision - request for further information to be presented at next Board meeting
    • Project becomes live on Brookes Project Registry
    • Governance resources considered and appointed