Gateway 2: Investment justification

  • At Gateway 2, the Project will seek endorsement that what is being proposed is clearly defined, well-planned, consistent with their prior strategic assessment, specifies measurable benefits and is shown by rigorous analysis to meet a genuine business need. The project must demonstrate that it is set out to be realistically achievable:

    • at the desired quality
    • within the required timescale
    • with tolerable risk
    • within acceptable costs
    • to deliver value.

    The Terms of Reference (ToR) which contains the proposed governance structure and appointments must also be submitted for approval at Gateway 2.

    Approval at this stage by the Project Board gives permission to develop the Project Initiation Documentation (PID) and related components. 

    In approving the investment as justified at Gateway 2 the board is required to assess the proposed financial costings of the project; approve and release the budget and provide confirmation of finance codes assigned to the project.


  • Key actions

    • Project Board consider the foundations of the Business Case with emphasis on the recommended option, estimated costs, expected benefits and project plan
    • Project reporting and control mechanisms established
    • Project dependencies to other strategic projects/programmes identified
    • Core project management team appointed

    Key outcomes

    • Business Case approved as viable, desirable and achievable
    • Commitment made for appointment of agreed resources
    • Reporting and control mechanisms agreed
    • Business Case approved to proceed to Stage 3: Planning