Gateway 3: Initiation

  • At Gateway 3, the Project Board will seek confirmation that the project's delivery and implementation remains consistent with the prior business justification.

    The Project Board must also be confident that the project is safeguarded by realistic, robust and manageable plans and adequate controls (e.g. for managing uncertainty, performance and quality) and compliance arrangements (Health & Safety, EU procurement, sustainability, IS/IT standards, etc).

    The Project Board must also be satisfied that a thorough assessment of stakeholders has been undertake and used to inform a Communication Plan that:

    • has the backing of the key stakeholder representatives as meeting their information needs
    • will provide the required level of stakeholder engagement for the project to succeed

    Where relevant, the Project Board should also confirm that it understands the supplier market's capability, track record, performance and likelihood of responding to the project requirements.

    Approval at this stage by the Project Board gives permission to initiate the delivery phase. It will also establish the resource schedule in the PID as the contractual commitment for all those involved that:

    • the specified resources will be released as scheduled, and
    • the delivery of the products as defined can reasonably be expected to be delivered by the given plan to quality, time and cost. 


  • Key actions

    • Project Board consider the PID to ensure plans have a sound basis
    • Key project reporting and control mechanisms are being managed
    • All risks and issues reported are supported by appropriate risk responses
    • Project reported within agreed financial costings

    Key outcomes

    • Comms Plan endorsed by stakeholders and approved by board
    • Project deliverables re-assessed against strategic priorities to confirm continued alignment
    • PID approved as base documents to assess progress, issues and ongoing viability questions
    • PID approved to proceed to Stage 4: Delivery