Gateway 4: Readiness for service

  • At Gateway 4, the Project Board will seek confirmation that:

    • all commissioning is complete including successful User Acceptance Testing
    • any outstanding issues with the status of 'no threat' (snags) are recorded for follow-on action,
    • contractual, service-delivery, benefits management, resourcing, reporting and business continuity arrangements are ready for implementation
    • that the business environment is ready (practically and culturally) for the transition and operational handover.

    Approval at this stage by the Project Board gives permission to initiate project closure and for the business to assume management of the projects deliverables at the post-project stage. 

  • Key actions

    • Assessment of project performance reported in Highlight Report
    • Overview of key PID elements provided by Project Assurance
    • Review all key updates to PID and supporting Plans
    • Provide authorisation for any final work activities to be carried out

    Key outcomes

    • Project Board approve any request critical to the continuation of project progress
    • All project deliverables achieved and approved
    • Faculty/Directorate appoint owner to manage deliverables in business as usual (BAU) operational state
    • Project approved to proceed to Stage 5: Handover and Close