Issue register

  • For complex projects

    The Issue Register is part of Stage 4: Delivery of the project lifecycle and working towards approval at Gateway 4: Readiness for service.

    Who prepares the Issue Register?

    The Project Manager is responsible for the reporting, monitoring and managing of the Issues Register. Before going to the Board for approval, the Project Manager must obtain the Project Sponsor/Executive sign-off. 

    What is the purpose of the Issue Register?

    As a project progresses, it may encounter issues that will need to be assessed for severity and impact to the project deliverables.  An issue is an event that has happened, that was not planned, and requires management action. The Issue Register is a critical component of project monitoring and control. It is used to capture and maintain information on all of the issues that are raised and are formally being managed and controlled.  The Issue Register is the responsibility of the Project Manager and should be reviewed, with the Register updated, on a regular basis. 

    The appointed Board will have accountability for the review of the Issues Register and be required to assess the severity of the issues and provide support for appropriate resolution.