Lessons learned

  • Lessons Learned is a component part of the End Project Report at Stage 5: Handover and closure of the project lifecycle and working towards approval at Gateway 5: Stand down.

    Who prepares the Lessons Learned?

    It is good practice for the VPO+ to facilitate a Lessons Learned workshop with members of the core project team and key stakeholder representatives and to use the output in conjunction with lessons logged by the Project Manager and the Project Board throughout the project. The Lessons Learned Report will need to be signed off by the Project Sponsor/Executive prior to presentation to the appointed Board.

    What is the purpose of Lessons Learned?

    The report presents a summary of the lessons learned throughout the project lifecycle.  It is beneficial to identify the lessons learned in a workshop environment with members of the core project team and key stakeholders to enable experiences of the project, both good and bad, to be captured. To support analysis, a classification for each key lesson learned has been produced. This will help us to continually improve our project management practice and will benefit the delivery of future projects at Oxford Brookes. It will also support individual project team members to further develop their knowledge, experience and skills 

    The appointed Board will review the information, together with the End Project Report and Benefits Management Report and make an informed decision as to the performance of the project.  On formal closure of the project, the appointed business owner will be encouraged to review the lessons learned at a defined point following the implementation of the product or service into its operational state. 

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