Resource plan

  • The Resource Plan forms part of the Project Plan at Stage 3: Planning of the project lifecycle and working towards approval at Gateway 3: Initiation.

    Who prepares the Resource Plan?

    The Project Manager is responsible for the preparation and production of the Resource Plan and is produced in conjunction with the Project Plan and Timeline plan. Before going to the Board for approval, the Project Manager must obtain the Project Sponsor/Executive sign-off. The Resource Plan should then be monitored and updated on a regular basis, as determined by the Project Manager.

    What is the purpose of the Resource Plan?

    The Resource Plan provides the requirements by resource type (e.g. one senior business user, OBIS technical manager, etc.) and percentage of time required to achieve the planned key milestones within the timescales agreed. Once the Resource Plan is completed, it is useful to assess the plan to check that there are no capacity issues highlighted. 

    The appointed Board will review the Resource Plan in conjunction with the Project Plan and Timeline Plan to consider the authorisation and appointment of the required resources to support the delivery of  the project.

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