Stage plan

  • For complex projects

    The Stage Plan is part of Stage 3: Planning of the project lifecycle and working towards approval at Gateway 3: Initiation.

    Who prepares the Stage Plan?

    The Project Manager is accountable for the preparation and production of the Stage Plan for any project that is classified as 'complex'. It is to be produced in conjunction with the Project Plan. The Project Manager must actively engage with key stakeholders to gather the relevant input to produce the Stage Plan. Before going to the Board for approval, the Project Manager must obtain the Project Sponsor/Executive sign-off. 

    What is the purpose of the Stage Plan?

    The Stage Plan covers the products, resources, activities and controls specific to the stage and are used as a baseline against which to monitor stage progress.  Planning the project in stages (can also be defined as a phased approach) helps to create more manageable work strands or work packages. The stages are not to be confused with the Stages 1 - 5 of the project management framework.  It is good practice for each stage to be planned, activities sequenced, dependencies identified and resources allocated and managed using robust project controls.  Certain activities may be run in parallel with other stages but it is usual practice to complete one stage, gain approval from the Board, and then continue onto the next stage.

    The appointed Board will review the information contained in the Stage Plan and make an informed decision as to the progression of the project to the next stage.

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