Stage 4: Delivery

  • Keeping things on track

    This is the 'doing' stage; working to achieve the milestones, monitoring, reporting and managing the work assigned.

    The Project Manager must achieve the agreed project deliverables according to the approved Project Plan. They will manage the work, which can be broken down into work streams or smaller work packages, and report regularly to the Project Board on progress.

    The key to good practice in project management, is 'no surprises':  Good PMs anticipate and manage problems before they hit. They ensure that any possibility of going off-track in terms of cost, time or quality is notified to the Project Board at the earliest opportunity. In doing so they gain the Boards guidance and support in dealing with challenges, issues and changing risks.

    Guard against 'scope creep': It is usual for people to identify little extras and add-ons and want to include them.  But little add-ons cost and can have unforeseen consequences.  Capture them and use Change Control to seek a formal decision on whether to adopt them. If the board decides to approve the change, then the budget and appropriate resources, will need to be found by them and the planned timescales may need to be adjusted to accommodate.

  • Key actions

    • Use Project Plan milestones to manage and monitor work progress to time, quality, cost and within assigned resources
    • Keep in regular contact with your project team or workstream leads (ideally daily)
    • Keep in regular contact with Senior Supplier and User (suggest weekly)
    • Complete regular Highlight Reports and submit to your Project Board (suggest monthly)
    • Ensure regular risk reviews by your board (suggest quarterly)
    • Manage communication activity to plan. Don't forget because you're busy!
    • At the end of the delivery stage(s) seek approval to enter the Handover and Close stage

    Key outcomes

    • Milestones achieved
    • Workstream Leads have regular contact and working relationship with PM to raise queries and seek guidance
    • Senior Supplier and Senior User have regular contact and working relationship with PM to discuss and resolve and concerns
    • Project documentation ready for decision at Gateway 4
    • Start to plan close down of the project, ready for handover to appointed Faculty/Directorate owner