Stage 5: Handover and close

  • Stage 5 is achieved when all deliverables have been completed and approved.

    The End Project Report is completed for presentation to the Project Board for approval. The final assessment of financial costs is completed, any outstanding issues with recommended action is noted with handover date to identified business owner.  The lessons learned exercise is carried out now with the core project team and key stakeholders.

    Approval by the Project Board will inform the Project Manager to handover the project to the appointed business owner.  It is at this transition stage that the project moves to a 'business as usual' operational state to be managed and controlled by the business owner and they must be satisfied the what the project has delivered is fir for purpose and will enable them to realise the project benefits that they are accountable for delivery of.

    The core project team will now be stood down.

    The VPO+ will update the Brookes Projects Register and analyse any lessons learned to support future projects at Brookes.

  • Key actions

    • Update Project Plan,PID, risks and financial costings with actuals
    • Work with Business Change Manager to finalise Benefits Management Plan
    • Hold Lessons Learned Workshop
    • Complete Lessons Learned Report
    • Complete End Project Report

    Key outcomes

    • No outstanding actions  
    • Project deliverables achieved
    • End Project Report completed and presented to appointed Board for decision at Gateway 5
    • Preparation and implementation of handover and project closure