• The Timeline forms part of the Project Plan at Stage 3: Planning of the project lifecycle and working towards approval at Gateway 3: Initiation.

    Who prepares the Timeline?

    The Project Manager is responsible for the preparation and production of the Timeline and is produced in conjunction with the Project Plan and Resource Plan. Before going to the Board for approval, the Project Manager must obtain the Project Sponsor/Executive sign-off.  

    Your Project Board and Programme Manager will need regular project status reports from you.  These are based on your Timeline and the format must be retained as your Programme Manager will require the same format from all of their projects to create a composite Programme status report.  Please keep to this template format as this will provide both your timeline at the planning stage, your report document to your Board and Programme Manager and the basis of their report to the Programme/Project Board.

    What is the purpose of the Timeline?

    The Timeline provides the plan of dates to start and complete a critical activity of the project. These can also be referred to as key milestones.  The Timeline is an integral part of the project planning process and must be produced in conjunction with the Resource Plan. It is also important to assess the dependencies of any key milestone and its impact to the project if a set timeline is not achievable.  Any slippage must be reported to the Project Sponsor/Executive, fully documented and reported to the appointed Board for a decision on how best to proceed.

    The appointed Board will review the Timeline in conjunction with the Project Plan and Resource Plan to make informed decisions as to the continued viability of the project.

    Download Microsoft Excel template