Recognition pack

To thank those who have gone above and beyond.

There are a number of ways you can recognise colleagues. Whether it's to say thank you for a job well done or to recognise someone whose work goes above and beyond what is required.

The Recognition Pack sits alongside the Brookes People Awards and ACE scheme to promote recognition on a more regular basis, from small gestures to bigger celebrations.

Please note - we are currently updating the recognition pack webpages.

To support colleagues in the meantime, we have provided some information on key reward schemes below.   A revised webpage will be published in the near future. 

Brookes Staff Recognition logo

1. Long service award

We offer the following financial awards to thank colleagues for supporting Brookes for significant period of time:

10 Years - £50

15 Years - £75

20 Years - £100

25 Years - £225

Colleagues will receive the award within their payslip either in January, April or July, depending on when a service milestone is reached.  

Please note that the award is subject to the relevant tax and national insurance deductions. 

For further information, please visit the Long Service Award webpage.

2. Recognition Awards

  • Departments may make smaller, more timely awards (£200 before tax in all cases) to recognise one-off, significant contributions at any time of the year. These are known as “Recognition Awards”.
  • The purpose of the Recognition Awards is to reward special one-off contributions or examples of achievement or excellence by individuals or teams at any time (e.g. the delivery of an important departmental initiative, helping others to meet an unforeseen challenge, providing an exemplary service, etc.)
  • Recognition Awards are handled locally by faculties and directorates, i.e. they do not require an application as part of the annual ACE exercise.
  • Nominations for a Recognition Award should be made in the form of a brief statement of the case to the head of department, using the Recognition Award Nomination Form. If supported by the head of department, the nomination should be forwarded to the PVC/Dean or Director for final authorisation. The decision of the PVC/Dean or Director will be final.
  • The award should be accompanied by a personal acknowledgement of the individual’s contribution, such as a letter of thanks from the head of department.
  • The distribution and reasons for making Recognition Awards will be monitored by the People Directorate for consistency.

3. Extra day of annual leave

People walking in park

An extra day of annual leave can be given to a team or an individual to recognise a particular effort and contribution they have offered.

This might be granted at a time when a colleague put in sustained effort to complete a project or key piece of work and the line manager feels that they would benefit from taking a day off to relax over a long weekend.

Issuing extra days of annual leave is at each line manager’s discretion and does not require a formal notification to the People Directorate.