Recognition pack

At Oxford Brookes we believe that it is important to foster a culture of recognition that values unique and diverse contributions, as well as promotes a sense of belonging.

Our recognition pack supports you in celebrating achievements, occasions, and those colleagues who have really made a difference.

We are currently developing further ways to celebrate colleagues at Brookes in a meaningful way so please watch this space!

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Recognition Awards

A recognition award is a great way for managers to celebrate a team member who has:

  • Demonstrated the Brookes guiding principles.
  • Helped others e.g to develop, overcome challenges or deliver objectives.
  • Delivered a positive student experience.
  • Promoted a collaborative, inclusive and positive culture.
  • Delivered exemplary customer service.
  • Demonstrated high level of proactivity and initiative, resulting in positive outcomes.

This list is by no means exhaustive and we very much encourage managers to use this award as a gesture of appreciation.

Additional Annual Leave

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An extra day of annual leave can be given to a team or an individual to recognise a particular effort and contribution they have offered.

This might be granted at a time when a colleague put in sustained effort to complete a project or key piece of work and the line manager feels that they would benefit from taking a day off to relax over a long weekend.

Issuing extra days of annual leave is at each line manager’s discretion and does not require a formal notification to the People Directorate.