TOIL Managers Guidance

This document briefly highlights some important information regarding TOIL but should be read in conjunction with the full policy which provides greater detail.

  • Heads of Department and line managers must plan in advance the most effective way of achieving service needs, in order to minimise the need for the working of additional hours of any kind.

  • Accruing of TOIL should be unusual and rarely used and only used for, but not limited to: open/applicant days, graduation, International Recruitment Fairs, arrivals weekend or unanticipated situations such as an IT system failure that requires urgent action to remedy.  

  • TOIL can only be accrued with prior authorisation from a manager at Head of Department/Head of Operations/Executive Team level (Senior Staff Level).

  • TOIL is not appropriate to be used for general flexible working as this is covered in the Flexi-time Policy and the University Flexible Working Policy.  TOIL is not intended to be used to facilitate flexible working on a daily basis and should be very rarely used.

  • Only Heads of Department/Head of Operations/Executive Team level or higher (Senior Staff Level) can authorise the accrual of TOIL when all other mechanisms, such as adjusting the working pattern for that week,  have been exhausted.

  • TOIL only applies to additional periods of work at the weekend or either before or after the employee’s normal working day.  N.B. Where staff are expected to carry out work at a weekend or in the evening as a core part of their role, e.g. during student enrolment and open/applicant days, international recruitment fairs, their working pattern should be adjusted for that period.  Where possible, the individual should take an alternative rest day during the same working week. Where this is not possible, time is accrued on a “hour for hour basis” and taken as soon as is practicable. To be clear they would not accrue TOIL inline with this policy.