Support services

The following support services are freely available and accessible to staff:

  • Occupational Health Service provides advice on recognising, preventing and controlling any negative effects of work on health. They also give advice and support about health and wellbeing at work.
  • Counselling: a free, confidential service for staff. Referral is normally made via the OH service
  • The People Directorate offers employment advice and support to staff. They also provide information on University policies, procedures and employment benefits.
  • Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development (Oxford CAED) provides a range of courses for personal as well as career development.
  • Multifaith Chaplaincy has a team of chaplains experienced at listening and offering spiritual guidance, prayer, support, and friendship.
  • Trade Unions work together with the University to support and represent staff interest.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion provide advice and support on issues relating to equality, diversity, disability or discrimination.
  • Harassment Advisory Advisers provide advice and support on any form of harassment and bullying
  • Brookes Sports Centres provide a wide range of recreational and sporting activities as well as relaxation courses. 
  • Student Support Services provides information on the following: A-Z of mental health, self-help guides, relaxation exercises and book recommendations.