Safe use of Display Screen Equipment (OBUHSN 32) Appendix 1

Guidance on determining Display Screen Equipment users

(Most or all to apply)

  • Members of staff or self-employed people whose use of DSE is habitual for the purposes of the university's undertaking and is a significant part of their normal work. This duty extends to the self-employed only so far as a workstation assessment, the normal requirements of a workstation and the provision of information.
  • The use of DSE is required to do the job, as alternative means are not readily available to achieve the same result.
  • There is no choice as to whether DSE is used.
  • Training and/or skills are required to use the DSE.
  • The visual display unit is used more or less daily in this way.
  • The rapid transfer of information from screen to user, or vice versa, is a major requirement of the job.
  • High levels of attention and concentration are demanded by the system of the user e.g. where errors could have major consequences.

Examples of definite users

  • Secretaries
  • Programmers/analysts
  • Typists
  • Staff using systems for inputting data as a major part of their job (e.g. finance).
  • Teaching and research staff engaged on work requiring considerable use of computers.

Examples of possible users

  • Senior staff using computers for management information and other purposes. Further advice and guidance is available from the health and safety team.

Staff from employment agencies

Temporary staff from employment agencies will be the joint responsibility of the agency providing the employee and the university. The university will be required to provide a workstation, workstation assessment, training and information. The agency will be responsible for eyesight tests and the provision of corrective appliances if required for DSE use.